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Providing top-quality therapy & training, we guide adults using compassionate, faith-based, research-backed methods

Faith-Based Counseling

Revive Christian Counseling & Consulting, Edmond, Oklahoma

Depression Therapy

We pair practical, personalized tools with evidence-based processing methods to help you experience hope again. We work to help you feel more like yourself again

Revive Christian Counseling & Consulting, Edmond, Oklahoma

Anxiety Therapy

Utilizing proven tools and techniques, we aim to help you regain control of your mind and body, preventing anxiety from stealing another moment.

Revive Christian Counseling & Consulting, Edmond, Oklahoma

Trauma Counseling

At Revive Christian Counseling & Consulting, we consistently provide the best in Trauma Care to our clients, thoroughly getting to the root of what is going on.

Healing with Heart in Oklahoma

Katie MacDougall, M.Div., LPC

Since 2017, Revive Christian Counseling in Oklahoma City has been a beacon of hope, expertly guiding individuals through depression, anxiety, and trauma. Creating a safe environment for everyone, with counselors trusted by many, is a core belief. Expertise in trauma counseling and consulting/training is a hallmark of this approach.

Passionate about helping individuals achieve their goals with excellence, integrity, and compassion, our approach is thorough and personalized. Katie, our founder, established this practice recognizing the critical need for skilled therapists. This business combines exceptional counseling with robust consultation and training to reach more people effectively. Eager to expand, we're adding more consultation groups, new training programs, and continued education for therapists, alongside broadening our services and partnerships. To schedule an appointment, text 405-664-3960 or use our contact form.

Katie MacDougall, M.Div., LPC

I absolutely LOVE this counseling practice! My husband and I have been with Katie for almost four years, but it's not for the same issues we started with! Many people think counseling/therapy should be a quick fix, but everyone is different and each situation is unique. Revive gets that and their counselors are devoted to finding the right resources and therapy styles for their clients. I can't praise them enough for their service!

- Abby

All testimonials were offered without solicitation and by permission to Revive Christian Counseling and Consulting.

Revive Christian Counseling & Consulting, Edmond, Oklahoma

Quick Answers to our FAQs

Revive Christian Counseling & Consulting, Edmond, Oklahoma

How do you make an appointment?

At Revive Christian Counseling, scheduling your first appointment is stress-free. Text 405-664-3960 or use our website's contact form for a prompt reply within one business day. Initial conversations, usually under 15 minutes, will gather your availability and email for paperwork. If no response in 2 days, please text again.

What is the cost of counseling?

At Revive Christian Counseling, we find that clients who invest financially in counseling often see quicker improvement. We encourage paying the full amount as a commitment to your progress. For specific costs, contact our counselors directly for detailed information

Does My Insurance Cover Counseling Costs?

Check with your insurance to understand policy coverage, including deductibles. In-network counselors can assist with coverage processes. Bring insurance details to your first session. Out-of-network clients may get reimbursed via superbill. Contact counselors directly for specific insurance information.

Will My Counseling Sessions Be Kept Private?

Your counseling services at Revive Christian Counseling are strictly confidential, upheld by our licensed professionals. Your counselor will explain confidentiality limits in the first session, ensuring your privacy throughout.

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